Know thyself

…, nothing to excess, a pledge comes from madness. The Delphic maxim, relevant as ever. And to all peoples.

The world is on fire and we didn’t start it. We find ourselves in tragedy at every turn. If one reads Critchley we find that there is tragedy because we have rage. We have rage because we have grief, and we have grief because we have war.

A perpetuating cycle of debt, destitution and death. To save the future, we must ascertain past mistakes, fix them in the present and save the future. And so we come to the crux of the matter, the self, the human, the man or woman. Man is the wildcard, the variable, the lynch pin in this story of his. History is not merely linear events, they are cycles running through humble beginnings, honourable leadership, admirable overcoming of the odds, great prosperity and excess, decadence and finally ruin.

Anacyclosis, the cycle of Polybius.

Thus man must deal with his tragedy and to do this he must deal with himself. He must master Freudian works, know the nature of his ego, superego and ‘id. He may even dabble in the Jungian as well. He must psychoanalyse himself, find his inner trauma, stop his unconscious transference of his mother’s identity onto his wife, lest he destroys himself and her.

Woman must free herself, from herself, which is what modernity has made her into, which is not herself. She must recognise herself as the key to freeing man. And thus humanity. She must free herself from the murder of Marie Antoinette, the pivotal moment when woman ceased to be precious and protected, in the vile terror that saw it fit to decapitate young girls owing to their elders and heritage. The “sacred act” ushering the dawn of modern democracy.

Even more so than the outrage of Lucretia at the hands of Tarquin which, if that event brought down the Roman monarchy, the aforementioned sadist act of terror by the precursors of modern democracy brought down humanity into a spiral leading to the twin atrocities of modernity.

First and most insidious the unnatural increase in transaction. Fractional reserve lending and banking. Cancers that destroyed trade and operated perpetual theft through inflation by modern finance.

Second, the ultimate example of man’s cruelty, the A-bomb and its successors.

The first atrocity was brought on by the ignorance of men and the second by the apathy of women.

Men willingly allowed themselves to be fooled into thinking paper was suitable as money and unwittingly turned away from God as they unthinkingly believed that the edict of man to say paper had value was valid. Woman did not show outrage at the building of atomic weaponry, she did not remind the dogmatic men in war, that her issue, her child which she carried and birthed would be forever threatened. Man failed in his responsibility as protector and builder. Woman failed in her responsibility as mother and care giver.

And so these modern ailments afflicting us must be remedied. We must cure ourselves of this poison from the past. Then will our history be safe. Then and only then will we rise above the rhyme of history. Instead of replay, we will play new melodies for mankind. Through the fixing of our spirit, draining ourselves of the puss of trauma, we will free ourselves first, and then humanity.

*Follow me as we engage, argue, discuss, debate and come to understandings if not on situations, then at least of each other. Whoever you are dear reader, Muslim, Christian, Jew, Sikh, Animist or Atheist, let us embark on our journey;


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  1. I love where this is heading to.
    Towards a realization of man’s condition as a conscious being. It comes with responsibility. And a lot of us, neglect that responsibility.
    I see the potential in your writing as a reminder, as well as an instigator, for personal revolution, and ultimately the way people live their lives.
    Every change starts with an idea and a conversation.
    All the best.

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